Since its humble beginnings at the turn of the nineteenth Century, ABG has prided itself on its ability to consistently tap in to the requirements of the Iraqi people as well as the Iraqi market. Such ability relies on possessing a robust knowledge of the desires, ambitions and fundamental needs of Iraqi citizens.

One such fundamental need that demanded attention was the inability of the people of the Holy City of Najaf to worship in comfort, safety and pride at the Shrine of Sayida Ruqaya. The grave, located on Al-Khawarnaq Street in Najaf, holds Sayida Ruqaya the daughter of Imam Al-Hassan (AS).

The Sayida Ruqaya Shrine is of such significance and importance to Muslims all over the world that the utmost care had to be taken at all points to maintain the integrity of the building while updating it to modern standards of construction.

The dome of the Shrine required urgent work, with it almost caving in on itself as work commenced. Within days solidity had been reinstated following a strenuous schedule of plastering, analysis, fortification and further plastering. The exterior was further bolstered by new brickwork and attention paid to all finishes, while

Left untouched for decades, the interior was entirely gutted. Once all loose wall panels and cracked plaster had been tended to, work began on the installation of high quality marble tiles along all the walls of the Shrine, echoing the quality and luxury that residents and worshippers alike deserve to have. To compliment this, ABF completely recalibrated all electrics in the Shrine, as well as ensuring that the site is now protected against future wear and tear.


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