We specialize in:

Building Construction, Railway, Industrial Building, Oil, Air ports, Water Works, Sea Works, Electricity, Soil Investigations & Surveying, Hospitality Services, Security Assistance, Concrete Sleepers, Air Travel, Consultency and many more.

Al-Burhan Group has been leading the way in quality & service for over 30 years.

Al Burhan Group consists of the following companies:

1. Sada Auto
Sada Auto is Al-Burhan Group’s newest venture. In February 2006 Sada Auto was lunched and we began manufacturing automobiles specialised for the Iraqi Market. The company has been a great success. By July 2006 Sada Auto sold over 400 automobiles and are currently taking orders for more.

2. Al-Burhan Construction
Al-Burhan Construction is the leading construction company in the territory of Iraq. We have been involved in key construction projects and with our multi skilled workforce, products and equipment capability we are able to provide our clients with unique design engineering and safety management disciplines which enables Al-Burhan Group team to develop lasting partnerships with our clients.

3. Wasit Flour Mill
Wasit is in the southern province of Iraq. Wasit Flour Milling is engaged in producing flour for the whole region. Being under sanctions in Iraq, it designed to resolve flour needs for the whole region with a total output production of 200-250 metric/tonnes per day.

Al Burhan Group is determined to lift the standards of communication and travel with in Iraq, and has:

  1. Tied up with Pandrol UK, the worlds leading designer and manufacturer of rail fastenings and track support systems, to work as the sole agency in the Iraqi Territory.
  2. Invested in the Abu Graib concrete sleeper factory, which can produce over 2800 concrete sleepers a day.
  3. Delivered 30 locomotives to General Company of Iraq Railways – GCIR.
  4. Supplied a Track Laying machine to GCIR via the VOLPE Center.
  5. Supplied GCIR with 100,000 concrete sleepers with Pandrol Fasting Clips.
  6. Supplied 2 welding machines RSM5 and 1 PRSM to GCIR from Russia.
  7. Supplied spare parts for French locomotives to GCIR. Macosa, CKD (Czech).
  8. Supplied two cranes to the GCIR from Texas, USA.
  9. Supplied 3 Harsco Tamping Lining Machines to GCIR from the USA.
  10. Supplied a Harsco Ballast Regular to GCIR from the USA.
  11. Supplied 6 Harsco Railway Sleeper Exchanger Machines Model 925 SS to the GCIR.
  12. Supplied 2 Track Stabilizer machines to the GCIR.
  13. Supplied 3 Harsco MK VI machines to the GCIR.
  14. Supplied spare parts for all the Harsco machines & welding machines in Russia.
  15. Supplied 15 automatic and 30 manual clipping machines for  clipping Pandrol Fast clips.
  16. Supplied 500,000 nylon rubber pads to GCIR.

Yes, Al-Burhan Group are proud recipients of several awards awards in the past. One recent notable award was received by the Group for the highest volume in sales, awarded from British Airways. And the Serco Performance Award 2011 for the excellent performance and efficient management shown with the aviation giant contract in Iraq.

Al-Burhan Group is the leading supplier of equipment for railway engineering, generation & transmission. To see a full list of products we deal with, please click here.