ABF endeavours to not only aid and sustain the lives of Iraq's current population, but to forge a legacy that will ensure aid and comfort are provided to future Iraqis for years to come. With a strong sense of responsibility to the youth of the nation, as well as a long-established link to the region of Kut, ABF have taken a keen, specific interest in the lives of orphans in the area.

One such orphanage is the Dar Al-Baraim Orphanage, located to the South-East of Baghdad, in Kut. ABF Founder Imad Burhan visited the orphanage several times over the course of 2012 and 2013, citing the deep-rooted need for rejuvenation of the building, as well as the provision of crucial resources, such as internet and a sports facility. Following visits specifically undertaken to pinpoint the work that needed to be done, ABF set out on the path towards ensuring that the orphanage was able to provide its children with the best possible start in life.

Having identified the requirements of the orphans at the Dar Al-Baraim Orphanage in Kut, ABF set about providing them with the resources they sought. First on the agenda was the installation of new, clean sleeping quarters for the children. A series of new beds were shipped in and firmly fitted into the rooms, with a focus on ensuring that the children are provided adequate space in which to learn, play and live. In addition to this, the bathroom areas were cleaned, tidied and fixed to complete functionality.

The orphanage was in desperate need of reliable access to the internet. To this end, ABF introduced the Orphanage's first dedicated internet supply, as well as a collection of new, high-quality LG desktop computers that continuously enhance the children's learning experience. With these tools at their disposal the children are for the first time able to connect with the outside world on a regular basis; echoing ABF's consistent desire for the modernisation and globalisation of Iraq as a nation.

Possibly the biggest difference made to the lives of the orphans was the construction of a beautiful new sports yard which, much to the delight of the budding Maradona's that sleep at the orphanage every night, is perfect for football. With Imad Burhan presenting the children with new boots, the playground now hosts joy like never before.