ABF is in a constant state of maintaining its charitable push across Iraq. The Foundation holds strong personal and familial ties to the region of Kut, with the Burhan Family originating from the area and assisting the city at every possible opportunity for many years.
The latest form of support provided by ABF to the region comes in the form of the Asmaa Allah Al-Husna Project, a housing initiative spearheaded by Mr Haider Jawad Burhan. The region of Kut has been witness to much turmoil in recent history, leaving many residents with inadequate housing and a detrimental amount of stress burdening their lives.

Such a situation was and is unacceptable to ABF, in possession of the determination and skills necessary to ensure these families are able to live and sleep in a fair environment. ABF not only want to provide care to those in need but to provide a prosperous environment for the children of Kut that allows their hopes to be actualised.

Utilising ABG's vast array of resources in the construction sector, ABF began work swiftly in July 2014. Sourcing the main materials of the build from the ABG Pre-Cast Concrete Factory in Abu Ghraib, ABF were consistently confident of the lasting impression the quality of the houses would leave on the people of the area.

All free houses provided to new residents are constructed to the utmost standards of safety, security and hygiene; providing the new residents an undeniable sense of pride and sanctuary unattainable in anywhere other than a house they can make a home.