Al-Burhan Group, a licensed and highly experienced provider, has been delivering exceptional airport meet and greet services for over 14 years. Our clientele includes major multinational corporations and embassies, a testament to our reputation and reliability. Over the years, we have successfully conducted more than 30,000 meet and greets at Baghdad International Airport, establishing a track record that speaks to our expertise and commitment to service excellence.

Inbound expediting services at BIAP

  • Meeting passengers at the air bridge by the aircraft door
  • Escorting and assisting through immigration hall
  • Waiting for personal after immigration in the baggage reclaim form.
  • Assisting with locating baggage
  • Escorting and assisting through customs
  • Escorting passengers to the arrivals Hall

Outbound expediting services at BIAP

  • Meet passenger at the Airport Terminal.
  • Security X-Ray and metal detecting gate by door of terminal.
  • Security check point X-Ray and baggage scan, mid-point between terminal door and airline check-in.
  • Assist traveler/s with check-in process and obtain pass.
  • Guide Traveler/s through the visa and immigration process.
  • Security checkpoint after immigration desk before passenger waiting area.
  • Take traveler/s to the waiting area and update them with any changes.
  • Assist through the Air Bridge to Aircraft Door
  • Take traveler/s to boarding gate and wait with them at the boarding gate waiting area.

Our operation extends beyond just meeting and greeting passengers. We have a dedicated booth within the airport premises, manned around the clock by our professional team. This booth serves as a central hub for continuous passenger assistance, ensuring that help is always available whenever it's needed. Our round-the-clock presence underscores our commitment to providing seamless and uninterrupted service.

Whether you are arriving, departing, or transiting at Baghdad International Airport, our meet and greet team is dedicated to making your journey as smooth and stress-free as possible. From the moment you step into the airport, our concierge team is at your service, ready to attend to your every need. We take care of all the details, from handling your luggage to navigating through airport procedures, ensuring that your transition is not only efficient but also luxurious and exclusive.

Our services are designed to cater to the unique needs of each passenger, providing personalized assistance that enhances the travel experience. We understand that each journey is different, and our team is trained to adapt to various requirements, offering bespoke solutions that match your expectations.

At Al-Burhan Group, we believe that travel should be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Our goal is to eliminate the hassles associated with airport procedures, allowing you to focus on your journey ahead. With our comprehensive meet and greet services, we aim to provide a level of comfort and convenience that transforms the way you travel.

Experience the difference with Al-Burhan Group, where every journey begins with excellence and ends with satisfaction.