GBS/Al-Burhan Group supplying and supervision of flour Mill unit of 150 Ton/Day Capacity To Iraqi Ministry Of Trade - Grain Processing

General Description


  • Supply and supervision of the steel structures of flour mill buildings with three floors, min. height of the building is 15m.
  • Prefabricated walls and ceilings of the mill should be thermally insulated.
  • Each floor of the building of flour mill have an area not less than  (450) m2 and supplied with necessary ventilation and dust proofing, lighting, the standard length of florescent is (4 ft) and earthling, the flour mill supplied with a system for cleaning and suction the flour and wheat dust from the mill.
  • The depth of any pit and design of the flour mill building not exceed 2m from the ground level.
  • Air conditioning for the flour mill building needed is sufficient for electronic and electronically equipment. Taking into considerations that the max. temperature in the shadow during summer day is  55°C and sunlight is 60 °C the  min. temperature during winter night is -4° C.
  • Supply of tenth split units air condition (cooling 7 heating) with capacity 3 ton for each one.
  • Supply non-contact infrared temperature measurement system at the roller mill.
  • The electric power in Iraq is :

380 V      3ph          50Hz
220V       1ph          50Hz

  • The building is supplied from out side and in side with all necessary system that will be discussed in the seventh item such as fire fighting system, lightening system, alarm system and inter com in addition to fire fighting equipments (hand operated) by powered, CO2 and other with numbers that insure safety for such project.
  • Isolated room in side the building of flour mill and efficiency furnished and supplied with lighting, heating and cooling.



Wheat intake section

  • Intake hopper capacity 40ton (roofed area) capable for a load capacity of 40 tons, with a running capacity of 50 ton/hr. Intake hopper should be a parallel with the wall of mill building (cleaning section) so that the lories and trucks can pas though easily.
  • Pre cleaner with capacity of 50 ton/hr. to separate impurities up to 12%.
  • Drum magnet 50 ton/hr capacity.
  • Electronic balance 50 ton/hr capacity.
  • Necessary aspiration system.
  • Four raw wheat silos 600 ton total storage capacity erected out side the building of the flour mill and supplied with electronic sensors to determine the quantity and the level of the wheat at any height.


Cleaning section

Consist of:

  • All equipment necessary for dry cleaning of the wheat that achieved the (seven) principles of wheat cleaning according to the modern type such as: separators, dry stoners, aspirators, scourers, polishers, tiers, magnets, etc. All those equipments served by high efficient aspiration system. Running capacity required should be not less than 12 ton/hr.
  • Electronic balance to weight the clean wheat before 1st damping.



1st and 2nd tempering section

Consist of:

  • Complete electronic moisture unit with intensive dampers and moisture measurement systems have the ability to control the quantity of water required enough to raise the moisture content up to 20% for any kind of wheat. Taking into consideration that the initial moisture content of the local wheat is approximately 7%.
  • Four tempering bins are required for 1st tempering with a total storage capacity of (300) ton.
  • Capacity required for 2nd tempering bins is (200) tons.
  • Running capacity of tempering is not less than 12 ton/hr.
  • Electronic balances after tempering is required just to weigh the wheat ready for milling before 1st break.


Milling section:

  • It consists of one line milling capacity 200 ton/day.
  • Hammer mill to grind the impurities and transfer them by pneumatic system to the bran silos with ability  to collect impurities through a ( by pass) within a metallic bin 20 tons capacity.
  • Both bran particles (coarse and fine) should be mixed together.
  • The granulation of flour produced should be passed through a control sifter.
  • Plan sister & double roller mills should be in different levels.
  • The flour equipment must be able to give extraction for flour in any rate required.
  • Two electronic balances one for flour and one for bran.
  • Flour silos should be inside the building with a total storage capacity of 400 tons supplied with electronic sensors mentioned in the raw wheat silos and tempering bins (the gates are electronically closed and opened).
  • Bran silos with capacity of 100ton (same specification as above).
  • Electronic screens to read the flour moisture, colour, and falling no. , extraction rate and any other possible readings.


Mixing (or) packing section

Consist of

  • Flour packing machines with capacity of 600 bags/hr 50kg each bag supplied with a sewing machine and belt conveyor with the ability of direct loading to the lories.
  • Bran packing machine with capacity of 300 bags/hr 30kg each bag supplied with the same requirement mentioned for the flour packing, loading.
  • Five handled sewing machines type (union special).


  • Tools, equipment, caravans, cars and all other services used to facilitate mechanical, electrical or civil job done by the supplier should be left later in the site to the benefit of the project.
  • A fuel pump-station connected to a device counting the quantity of fuel supplied. Loading and unloading pumps are required.
  • Alarm system is supplied the flour mill building.
  • A pump station for a fire fighting system consists of two pumps. Electrical feeding source is completely separated from the source feeding of the flour mill it can be operated automatically by a separate transformer and a generating set with a (200k.V.A.) running capacity each (the transformer and generator will be supplied by us). Connect to the network of galvanized pipes of (4) inches diameter taking the water from a main ground water tank (200m3) and throwing it with ahead of about (60m) height through fire fighting openings of 2.5 inch diameter provided with rubber tubes of (25m) length ended with throwers (gate lock), each rubber tube with its thrower should be kept in a steel glassy boxes distributed in the flour mill building.
  • Supplying and erecting a ground water tank 200m3 and another water tank 100m3 to be erected over tower of 15m height. Automatic operation pump station is needed to fill the tanks from the main water supply.
  • Water-purifying station to remove impurities and instability is required.
  • The electrical station should include high and low tension, circuit breaker isolator and other accessories.
  • Industrial equipment needed for the work shop are as follows mentioned below:
    A) Grinding and fluting machine (400 -1500) mm roll dimension.
    B) One electrical verticals drill serving all diameters.
    C) One machine used for tensioning and fixing sieves on frames working by compressed air with all its accessories.
    D) One electrical frequent horizontal cutter.
    E) One electrical winch (3 tons) load capacity each.


  • Electrical workshop, supplied with the following:
    A) All the devices for the purpose of testing the electrical motors, electrical and electronic boards.
    B) One oscilloscope.
    C) One oscillator (1-30vpp).
    D) One D-C voltage source (1-60vdc).
    E) Cards test system for the electronic card.
    F) One spot welding device.
  • (80 ton) bridge weighed (20m) length lying on the floor.
  • Laboratory supplied with furniture and devices as shown below:

11.1- Wheat moisture tester device.
11.2- flour moisture tester device.
11.3- muffle furnace device with all access such as dishes with flat bottom and have an area of approximate 20cm2 and walls of max-2cm height made of glazed quartz or porcelain desiccators, tong……etc.
11.4- Gluten washer device with dryer and centrifuge.
11.5- Laboratory sifter.
11.6- Electronic sensitive balance max. capacity 1600gm. Two digits.
11.7- Flour colour grader device.
11.8- Informatics (8100) device.
11.9- Laboratory sieves for wheat (complete standard range for separation and granule metric classification using for wheat and barley).
11.10-handling probe for wheat (length 2m. with 12 compartment).
11.11- handling probe for flour (stainless steel length 300mm.)
11.12- Laboratory precision divider for seeds.
11.13- Distillation water device 4-8 litter/hour.


  • Supplying spare parts with 5% from the total price of offer enough for 3 years operation including all the devices of the mill except the gearbox, motors V-belt, ball bearing, and nylon clothes.
  • Mechanical, electrical and civil diagrams with the point load are required.
  • Diagrams, drawing and schedules for operate and periodical maintenance.
  • Training (4) engineers, (2) millers and (2) technicians for 45 days on the account of the supplier.
  • Sensors for preventing the dust explosion must be carried out.
  • Trial test for the flour mill running should be around three months. Engineers specialized in electronic system, programming and computer maintenance in addition to mailer have to stay for 3 months after the trial test.



Computer program should be controlling the following functions:

  • Component/product definition and handle.
  • Bin management.
  • Job definition and control.
  • Recipe definition and handling.
  • Graphical representation of the plant.
  • Alarm and event handling.
  • Statistics and reports.
  • Products inter locking.
  • Stand by system.
  • Bin configuration from supervisor.
  • Password (user) system.
  • Data security system.